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Summer 2016 Recap

Prayer on Boardwalk

2016 summer is in the books. We got to see over 4000 children at the day camps, 17 students profess their lives to Christ, and Impact had over 25 church mission teams, approximately 650 volunteers came to spread the Gospel of Christ throughout the Grand Strand area of Myrtle Beach.

As my first summer with Impact as a full time missionary, I have been on cloud nine working with so many teens and adults that I watched grow in their walk with Christ and stretched themselves to get out of their comfort zone and be the light of Jesus. Not only did I get to see this in Myrtle Beach but the volunteers were challenged to return home and use these new skills to share Christ in their local communities. My prayer today is that God will use these teens and adults to reach their schools, communities, homes and even their enemies. As a follower of Christ reflecting on the summer, I can see this is one of those times when I know how blessed this filthy rag truly is.

Don't let this summer's mission fade but instead remember you are called to live life on mission. -Bo

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