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Not Just Time At The Beach

Beach ministry take place during morning ministries (Monday through Friday) and afternoon ministries (Monday through Thursday). You may choose to pack a lunch and stay longer into the afternoon before returning to your lodging facility for worship or evening ministry, but that decision is yours.


Ministry on the beach is probably the toughest ministry in Myrtle Beach.  First of all, the type of people you will be working with range in age from toddlers to senior adults.  Be prepared to minister to all ages.  Another factor is that the people you see on the beach on Monday might not be the same people you will see on Tuesday.  Be prepared for a diverse group of people.  


Occasionally you may have an activity planned but no one on the beach wants to be involved.  To help avoid these obstacles, you will find below some ideas that we suggest for you to have an effective ministry while on the beach.


Remember, you are not out there to force the name of Jesus on anyone.  You are out there to meet the needs of people and earn the right to share Christ with them.


A Creative Way To Share The Gospel

While participating in beach ministry, your group should actively invite others to participate in games and intersperse newcomers into each team. Get to know people while you are playing and have refreshment breaks.  This is the opportunity to tell people why you are here. Beach Ministry requires deliberate planning with MATUREgroups in order to remain focused while in such a beautiful, exciting, and distracting environment.  The goal is to share the Gospel creatively while having fun. 



Invite family groups of all ages to enter a sand sculpting contest enabling your group to make contact with large numbers of people on the beach. Use this time to evangelize.  Be creative! 

After a conversation is built with an individual, think of creative ways to share the gospel other than the use of tracts, such as salvation bracelets or Slip-Discs. In Myrtle Beach, we are required to obtain a permit from the city in order to hold the puppet shows on the beach.  This permit covers not only IMPACT Ministries’ missionaries, but all scheduled groups who do beach ministry.

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