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Face painting and balloon sculpting are fun and creative ways in which to share Christ in a variety of settings.  When participating in a face painting/balloon sculpting ministry, always take time to talk to the children.  Share a Bible story with a child while painting his or her face or tying a balloon.  Relate a solid, Biblical principle to the artwork that you are painting or balloon you are tying.  Encourage your students to perform the artwork, while the chaperones are sharing with the adults.  Don’t allow your captive audience to not hear the Truth!!


Be creative and use your imagination!


Offer only a few designs, especially if there are a number of children waiting. Keep designs simple and use the time to share God’s love. Show designs on a poster. Plastic menu covers also work well.

  • Rainbow – tell the story of the first rainbow and the promise God made.  Talk about promises, God, and how He cares for us.

  • Heart – talk about what a heart means – love. Talk about Jesus and His love for us.

  • Flower – talk about how God makes flowers, and how each flower is different and beautiful, and how He makes us each different and beautiful.

  • Star – talk about the bright star that led the shepherds to Jesus.  As the star showed them the way to Jesus, we as Christians are to show others the way to Jesus.

  • Boat – tell about Noah and the Ark.  Also, tell about Jesus calming the storm and walking on the water.

  • Fish/Whale – tell about Jonah and the big fish and how God desires for us to obey Him.

  • Cross – tell about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and how we can accept Him as our Savior.

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