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Performances in amusement/shopping complexes should consist of two or three 20-25 minute programs.  This time length is to accommodate the ever-changing audience in this setting.  The programs may use the same material each time, if you wish, or you may use two different programs.  A program including both Christian morals and popular music is required to attract and be recognized by the un-churched.  There is a great selection of non-Christian music that aligns with Christian morals and contains good “crossover” messages.  The content of these programs consists of 25% non-Christian music and 75% Christian music.  YOUR YOUTH PRAISE BAND PERFORMING 5 WORSHIP SONGS WILL NOT WORK IN OUR SETTING! Musicals are only allowed in IMPACT approved places.

In the campgrounds, these programs offer free quality entertainment for the families with a clear presentation of the gospel in the resort setting.  There will be a mixture of the churched and the un-churched and therefore a program including both Christian and popular music is suggested.  These performances should be 45-60 minutes long and are held Monday – Friday.  

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Variety is the key since audiences will range in age from children to senior adults. Programs can be developed along a theme such as God’s love, light, patriotism, friendship, the ocean/beach music, etc. Unfortunately, story lines will not work.  Audiences come and go, particularly in shopping complexes.  People who come in the middle of the program may lose interest and leave because they cannot follow a story line. 

When planning the closing to the program, try to make a smooth transition so that the performers can mingle with the guests for personal witnessing.  Plan to conclude your program with your group dispersed among the crowd and ready for relational evangelism.  All of these programs should be concerned with relating the message of salvation to the audience.  You can give an oral testimony/spoken word presenting the gospel in a campground, but not at any other sites.

Carefully And Prayerfully

We are providing entertainment. Maintain vitality throughout the program, portraying Christianity as enjoyable.  Plan carefully and prayerfully in order to reach those who come your way.

While the program is, in itself, a witness for Christ, plan on taking advantage of the opportunities to share the Gospel and a personal testimony before and after the program IF guests have questions.  Show that God is alive, active and powerful throughout your program through facial expression and enthusiastic choreography.

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