Why Build A Retreat Center?

  • Churches are not built to meet fire codes for sleeping volunteers in them

  • We have had 3 hurricanes strike our county in the last 5 years

  • Using our schools and churches are only a 1-3 month solution to housing volunteers

  • The county and state are not responsible for repairing/rebuilding damaged homes

  • Non-profits are the primary responders to restore families homes

  • More than 8oo Horry County families requested our assistance during each disaster

  • Each week, we have an average of 2,000 churches related people visiting Myrtle Beach

  • IMPACT coordinates 800-1,200 volunteers each year

  • The price of our hotels continue to rise eliminating the opportunity to volunteer

Who Would Utilize It?

  • Disaster relief volunteer teams

  • Church groups: mission teams, senior adults, staff training, marriage retreats

  • Education training

  • Community events

What is the Cost?

      The retreat center will be a one level, 12,000 square foot building located in the City of Myrtle Beach. Inside we will have 6 individual rooms providing sleeping for 12 people and 4 rooms will sleep 6 people. Each of these 8 rooms will also have private showers and restrooms for our volunteers. 

      As you enter the building, you will be welcomed into our large dining and meeting area where we can accommodate 100 people for a meal or 150 for a large group meeting. Here we will also have a commercial kitchen preparing up to 15 meals a week for our volunteer teams.

      On the right side of the facility we have 3 offices to support our full time staff. We will also have 3 bunk rooms to house our 12 summer staff that serve the full 10 weeks of summer volunteering with us. We will have one additional bedroom in this area that can accommodate a couple to come and serve as house parents during the summer. Outside of summer, this room can be used to sleep a host speaker that a group may bring with them, band member to others seeking quite from the teams. 

      Over the last 3 years, we have been very busy casting this vision and raising the necessary funds to build the retreat center. So far, we have raised $215,000!!!     

Building Cost:          $800,000


Funds Raised:           $215,000

Grant:                      $200,000

Building Loan:         $250,000

Still Need:                $135,000

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